Naturopathy or natural medicine is one of the earliest forms of primary health care and embraces a wide range of natural approaches to wellness. At its core is the belief system that the body heals itself, given the right tools.

Dis-ease comes from an underlying imbalance, which can be caused through birth and preconceptual stress, emotional and physical trauma, infection, environmental toxicity, stress, poor nutrition, functional or structural lesion, the use of medicinal or recreational drugs or deficiency. It may even be genetic – when many of these factors are at play, underlying genetic conditions can more easily present themselves.

How does it work?

Naturopathy sees health as more than just the absence of illness. It aims to establish health on a cellular level by improving circulation and innervation, nutrition, detoxification and elimination and follows the Hippocratic oath of ‘first do no harm’. It bases itself on the interaction between the three key areas of:  structure, biochemistry and emotional balance and how they interact with the individual’s environment. Ultimately the body will fight to keep itself in homeostasis or dynamic equilibrium.

Naturopathy uses a wide range of therapeutic tools from nutritional therapy, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, bodywork to herbs, fasting and detoxification.

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